The more than 25 years of hard work on the Czech market have helped us establish a strong position as a non-perishable food distributor. We also strive to keep bringing our customers innovative and quality products. For several years our products under the Franz Josef Kaiser and Giana have received awards in the Consumers Choice competition; they also continue to enjoy a high ranking in the quality tests and surveys conducted by Dtest - an independent and highly-respected magazine. This is further confirmation that their popularity continues to grow, which is naturally very satisfying for us. 



Our aim is and has always been very simple: to deliver a wide range of top-quality food from all over the world to your table. We import and distribute products with a long shelf life such as canned fish, sterilised/stewed fruit and veggies, as well as dry pulses, olive oil & olives, pasta, a complete tomato portfolio, rice and other foodstuffs literally to your doorstep. And if not to your home, then at least to the nearest supermarket. These include Metro/Makro, Kaufland, Rewe, Tesco, Plus, Auchan, Ahold, Globus, Coop, Interspar, Carrefour, Cora, CBA, Maxima, RIMI Baltic, and others.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.